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Energise7 - What we do

About us picturewebdna logoAbout us pictureEnergise7 is a project management company which specialises in the creation, development and delivery of projects in the interactive education and public engagement sectors. We work with our clients from inception through to delivery, final reporting and evaluation on projects which engage, inspire and ultimately help participants learn about the world in which we live. Science and key or core skills are fundamental in much of what we deliver and we strive to ensure that we provide ways of learning which are both effective and enjoyable. As well as working on a range of education projects we also provide services which take a more holistic approach to public engagement and facilitate and manage Business to Business and Networking events as well as providing educational stands at many Science Festivals across the UK.

We work with numerous schools and colleagues from both the private and public education sectors and provide focus group and scoping study services as well as the management and delivery of educational outreach projects for learned societies including the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Biochemical Society. 


Energise7 - Who we are

Energise7 was founded in September 2010 by father and son Martyn and Mike Ridler. Mike has worked in the interactive education and public engagement sector for ten years and has a passion for making science accessible and interactive for all, be those young or old. Martyn has over forty years of experience in the coporate world having worked for firms including Siemens and Philips before starting his own telephony equipment business, Commsplus TR Ltd, which he has now run for over twenty years. Together they decided to start Energise7 to provide a project management service for the education sector that will be second to none. 


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